Here’s the dilemma.   I’m eight years old and painfully shy.  I can’t order for myself at a restaurant because that would require speaking to a stranger.  I can’t go to any sleepovers because my friends have parents I don’t know and interacting with them would be too much to take.  AND my dream is to become a television actor. 

I can go on stage and be fine.  I can use someone else’s words and not feel the least bit self-conscious.  The audience, full of strangers, doesn’t bother me at all but I can’t audition for anything beyond school plays because…strangers.

Fast forward to today.  My career, my calling, requires talking to strangers (which is still not my favorite part but I can do it.)  And… I’ve found my voice in stand-up comedy.  Am I an actor? Not yet.  But I know that dreams change and I’m actually pretty happy where I am.  ( although I am now  available for auditions…. Call me!) 



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